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QSGI’s history is the foundation of our future.


Green RecyclingCEO Marc Sherman’s lifelong career has shaped the existing staff and knowledge base. Marc began in the family scrap metal business. Once he started reclaiming precious metals from mainframe computers, he found that he was left with surplus computer parts, and the parts business was born. Since most corporate computers are leased, that led him into the leasing business and the subsequent remarketing of off-lease computers. As he continued to build connections in the information technology world, Marc began recruiting talented professionals he met along the way. His career has involved both public and privately held companies; small companies and large companies with up to 800 employees.

After taking an early retirement, Marc started from scratch again with QSGI in 2001. From that beginning, he built a diversified technology services business designed to meet the needs of Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations. Typical QSGI customers include banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, healthcare organizations, major manufacturers, retail conglomerates, and government entities.


A new chapter began in 2009 when QSGI’s key members created a new entity called KruseCom, the company that Buys, Sells, and Maintains Enterprise I.T. Starting from scratch allowed the team to build a 21st century company based on modern communications and marketing principles. Leveraging the power of the web and e-commerce, KruseCom has proven itself able to “do more with less”, building a large clientelle in a short period of time.

Employing the strategies mastered in the creation of KruseCom, QSGI’s management team has gone on to develop other business units to address specific niche markets. These additional business units include wholly owned subsidiaries like Cheap Refurbished Computers and Joe’s Scrap.

Team QSGI’s experiences, earned in good times and bad, are the inspiration for QSGI’s mission statement. QSGI’s mission is to use its publicly traded shares to acquire participating interests in, or complete ownership of, complimentary businesses. By investing in undervalued technology companies, and applying QSGI’s experience, we believe we can generate strong returns for our shareholders and other stakeholders while providing liquidity for the companies’ prior owners.

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